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Renew-Crete Stamp Mix

Renew-Crete Stamp Mix is a one component, high performance blend of high quality Portland Cement, modified Co-Polymers, Silica Sand and Iron Oxide Pigments. It is designed for maximum strength, flexibility, adhesion, abrasion resistance and freeze/thaw resistance. Bt having all of the necessary ingredients pre-blended in a controlled environtment , proper ratios of co-polymer to cement and cement to pigments is consistent, which promotes product consistency, color consistency and because of the unusual characteristcs of this formulation , it may be used for many different applications.


• Super adhesion
• Abrasion resistant
• Weather/stain resistant
• Maximum flexibiltiy
• Extended set time
• UV stable
• May be chemically stained
• From featheredge to several inches in thickness
• Colors will not fade
• Enhances job productivity and reduces job site errors


• Non-shrink for maximum adhesion and durability
• Resistant to freeze/thaw and automotive vehicular traffic
• Thermal expansion similar to concrete
• Easy to trowel, broom, squeegee or spray apply to achieve desired finish
• Enhance property value, cost effective
• Works on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces
• One component: just add water and sand
• Available in 27 standard colors
• Minimal sand content reduces weight and cu. ft. by 60% for reduced shipping costs
• Moisture insensitive after curing

Basic Uses

Renew-Crete Stamp Mix is widely used to resurface and restore existing concrete surfaces. The Renew-Crete Overlay System provides an attractive decorative appearance to irregular, worn and damaged concrete as well as new concrete surfaces.

Used For

Stamped Overlays / Industrial / Residential / Commercial / Interiors / Exteriors

Mix Ratio

Stamp Mix Concentrate:  (1) 40-pound bag to (2 1/2) gallons of clean water, 80 pounds of clean dry sand and 2 Color Packs 
Covers 70 sq. ft. @ 1/4″ or 45 sq. ft. @ 3/8″

Stamp Mix Complete
(1) 60-pound bag to 1 1/4 gallons of clean water and 1 Color Pack
Covers 35 sq. ft. @ 1/4″ or 23 sq. ft. @ 3/8″

Product Specifications

Compressive Strength
28 Days Air Cure  — 5650 psi

Tensile Strength

28 Days Air Cure — 590 psi

Flexural Strength
28 Days Air Cure — 1465 psi

Impact Strength (IN-BS.)
28 Days Air Cure — 16

Abrasion Resistance (% weight loss)

28 Days Air Cure — 1.15

Shear Bond

28 Days Air Cure — 1800 psi

Thermal Compatibilty  — 5 cycles, no delaminating
Scaling — 25 cycles, none

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