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Renew-Crete Hi-Gloss Sealer

Renew-Crete Sealer is a high performance acrylic sealer, which leaves a protective membrane on the concrete surface that both waterproofs and seals. It contains no silicone, waxes or oils and does not chip or peel when applied properly. Formulated with methyl metharcrylate copolymer resins, aromatic solvents and special additives which result in an extremely tough acrylic surface that has many special qualities. Renew-Crete Sealer penetrates deep into the concrete pores, providing unusual durability and protection. Treated surfaces shed water, dirt, soot and chemical contaminates to prevent staining and moisture damages to the matrix. It will also enhance the color of integral colored concrete or exposed aggregate concrete by giving it a “wet glossy look.” Because of the unusual characteristics of this formulation, it may be used for different applications.


Brightens and weatherproofs exposed aggregate walls and sidewalk areas
Dries hard – will not attract dirt, airborne dust or grime
Reduces moisture entry into concrete surfaces and helps prevent efflorescence
Is quick drying – dry to touch in 30 to 40 minutes

Basic Uses

Renew-Crete Sealer is widely used on concrete and brick substrates to protect against soiling by airborne contaminants or other materials, which by absorption would cause unsightly substrate discoloration. Renew-Crete Sealer offers protection plus water repellency and color enhancement.

Patterned & Stamped Concrete
It is particularly effective on textured patterned concrete surfaces where the irregular texture pattern readily traps dirt and other particles causing discoloration.

Decorative Polymer Concretes
Provides a high performance, tough, durable, protective topcoat seal. Enhances the color of surfaces and provides additional chemical and abrasion protection.

Concrete Pavers
Brings out color and protects pavers from fading or color changes due to weathering. Helps seal against spillage.

Light Weight Concrete Block
Penetrates into concrete block pores for in-depth protection against moisture. Retards the moisture exchange in concrete that brings soluble concrete salts to the surface.

Architectural Concrete
Reduces lime leaching which can etch tinted colored class, aluminum, etc. Brings out the fresh wet look color of aggregates.

Common and Face Brick
Prevents stains from penetrating into the brick surface. Dried film provides protection against chemical attack and makes brick easier to clean.

Composition and Materials

Methyl methacrylate copolymer resins, aromatic solvents and proprietary additives.

Technical Data

Engineering Data
Color — Clear Liquid/No Color
Solids — 29-30% by weight
Flash point — 80°F (26.7°C) — TCC
Weight per gallon — 7.75 lbs. (0.92 kg/ltr)
Viscosity — 18 sec. 4 Ford cup
Dry time — Light traffic: 8 hours / Normal traffic: 48 hours / Mas Hardness: 7 days

Chemical Resistance
10% Sulfuric Acid — Excellent*
10% Hydrochloric Acid — Excellent*
10% Nitric Acid — Excellent *
40% Sodium Hydroxide — Excellent*
100% Vegetable Oil — Excellent*
100% Mineral Oil — Excellent*
Aliphatic Solution — Good*
Hydraulic Oil — Poor
Aromatic Solvents — Poor
Gasoline — Poor

* Good maintenance is essential in areas where chemical spillages are likely to occur. It is especially important that such chemical spillage should not be allowed to dry as higher concentrations of chemicals become involved. Renew-Crete Sealer will offer temporary protection to aliphatic solvent spillage but is not designed for areas where continuous spillage of petroleum products (gasoline, hydraulic oils, etc.) may be expected.