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Renew-Crete Roll Coat

Renew-Crete Roll Coat is a one component, high performance blend of high quality Portland cement, modified co-polymers and iron oxide pigments. It is designed for maximum strength, flexibility, adhesion, abrasion resistance and freeze/thaw resistance. Renew-Crete Systems uses all of the necessary ingredients and pre-blends them in a controlled environment. This ensures the proper ratios of co-polymer to cement and cement to pigments are consistent. This promotes both product and color consistency saving you time on the job site. This formulation may be used for many different decorative applications.

Roll-Coat Application

Roll-Coat is almost as easy as applying paint! Single Component Mix! Just add water! Covers 400-500 sq. ft per 5 gallon unit. Can be applied with a roller, brush, sprayer, squeegee, etc. Does not need to be sealed and will last and wear like concrete. No ugly peeling or chipping. Can be antiqued just like any decorative concrete finish. Available in 28 colors and a natural concrete gray that matches sidewalks, driveways, etc.

1. Prep the area by removing loose debris and ensure that the edges of the concrete are clear. (Edge/weedeat if necessary.)

2. Prep the surface by applying an acid wash and spread with a push broom, then pressure wash to remove all contaminants.

3. Mix the appropriate amount of Roll-Coat for the job. Remove the bags from their buckets. For each unit measure 2.5 gallons of water, setting aside .5 gallons of that. Put the 2 gallons into the bucket (along with color packs if applicable) and the Roll-Coat mix while the bucket is being mixed. Set this aside to wait for false set (estimated wait time 5 minutes.)

4. Check the mix after 5 minutes. It should be surprisingly thick. Now, while the mixing the buckets add the .5 gallons of water you set aside. The mix should be about the consistency of paint and is now ready to apply.

5. Before applying, you need to dampen the section that you will be working on and be sure to keep it damp until you apply the product (no standing water). Brush in the edges and corners with a regular paint brush. Using a 1/2″ nap roller, begin to roll out the product. You can pour the product across the section you will be working on and use the roller to spread it. You can also use a paint tray if desired. Do not roll over sections again once they start setting/tacking up.

Product Uses Renew-Crete Roll Coat Mix is widely used to restore color on existing decorative concrete surfaces. Roll Coat can be used on existing stamped concrete surfaces that have worn, or to unify new stamped areas that may have color inconsistencies. Roll Coat can be used to color any decorative concrete surface without changing the appearance of pattern and/or texture. 

Roll Coat is idea for coloring: broom textured finishes, spray textured finishes, stamped concrete, stamped overlays, commercial, residential and industrial floors, interior and exterior applications and may be chemically stained.

Surface Preparation

The concrete surface must be clean and free from all sealers, paints, grease, oil or any other contaminates. Thoroughly degrease and ash the concrete surfaces. Using four parts water and one part muratic acid, flood the surfaces using a broom to spread the solution evenly. Using a pressure washer, completely wash the surface, making sure to rinse the surfaces clean. Allow the surface to dry before applying Roll Coat.


Measure 2.5 gallons of cool clean water, add 2 color packs and mix for 1 minute using a drill with a paddle mixer. Slowly add the Roll Coat to the water while mixing. Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes. The finished product should be the consistency of a thick paint.


Lightly mix the concrete surface with cool clean water. Do not puddle. Using a heavy nap (1/2 or larger) apply the Roll Coat making sure to get an even application without roller marks. Recommended application is two coats, change direction between coats. It may be necessary to thin the product with a small amount of water if it thickens during application.


Stamped patterns may be antiqued after Roll Coat has dried for a period of at least 24 hours using Renew-Crete Color Wash.


After the antiquing has dried completely, the surface should be sealed with 3 coats of Renew-Crete Hi-Gloss Sealer. Wait 1 hour between coats, adding Renew-Crete Rhino-Grip skid resistant additive if desired.


1 container covers 400-600 sq. ft.

Technical Data

ASTM C-109 Comprehensive Strength
1 Day 2190 psi
7 Day 3810 psi
28 Day 5120 psi

ASTM C-882 Bond Strength

7 Day 1775 psi

Limited Warranty: This product is warrantied to be of uniform quality within manufacturing tolerances. Since no control is exercised over it’s use, no warranty expressed or implied, is made as to the effect of such use. Seller’s and Manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to refunding the purchase price of that portion of the material proven to be defective.