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Renew-Crete Re-Coat

Re-Coat is a co-polymer modified resurfacing compound especially formulated to dry a light gray color to resemble newly cured concrete. Re-Coat is perfect to restore old stained concrete surfaces, rain damaged slabs, scaling or dusting concrete. This product can be applied from a featheredge up to 1/2″ thick, broomed squeegeed or troweled on. Re-Coat is available in 30 standard colors as well as neutral gray.

Surface Preparation

The concrete surface must be clean and free of all loose material, oil residue, sealers or paints. Clean thoroughly by using a pressure washer with a degreaser of stripper if necessary. Etch the surface using a 1 to 4 muratic acid solution. Rinse clean and neutralize. Recommended surface preparation is to roll down Prime-It bonding agent as this improves color consistency.

MIxing Instructions (45 pound unit)

In a clean 5-gallon bucket, measure 1.25 gallons of clean water. Using a drill with a mixing wand, slowly add the dry Re-Coat to the water as you are running the mixing wand. Once you have added all the material, continue to mix thoroughly for 2 minutes to a fluid consistency with no lumps.

Application Instructions

If you haven’t applied Prime-It, start by misting the surface with water (surface should be damp only, no standing water)

Patching & Leveling
Apply Re-Coat mix. Screed where necessary, smooth with a round edge fresno or pool trowel, keeping all tools clean and moist. Finish as desired (i.e. broom texture, etc.) Allow all patch and leveled areas to dry before applying Re-Coat (1-5 hours).

Broom Finish
Apply the Re-Coat with squeegee, allow material to dry slightly, follow with a broom.

Note: If a great deal of patching has been done, you may need to apply a second coat over the entire area to ensure color uniformity. Wait until the first application is dry (1-3 hours) then reapply.


1 45 pound unit will cover approximately 175-250 sq. ft. broomed or squeegeed, 25 sq. ft. at 1/4″ thick.